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Guest Information

Everything needed to make your visit worth every minute.

At Myers Park Country Club, we strive to make guests feel as valued as our members. Our Board of Directors has established the following guidelines for private functions to make your experience more enjoyable.

Member-Sponsored Events

Myers Park Country Club only hosts member or member-sponsored events. (Member-sponsored functions are those reserved by a member for the use by a nonmember.) The sponsoring member of any private function must be in attendance throughout an event and will be held responsible for the conduct of all guests. 

Dress Code

A sponsoring member is responsible for his/her guests' adherence to the Club dress code (including entertainers).


Wedding Receptions

Myers Park Country Club maintains a sterling reputation for imparting beautiful wedding receptions and many happy memories for newlyweds.

Damage and Loss

Myers Park Country Club assumes no responsibility for items placed in a function room or area prior to or during an event, nor will the Club be held responsible for articles left after a function. All non-Club decorations should be delivered the day of your function and removed upon departure. Any member who sponsors an event is responsible for Club damage other than normal wear and tear caused by guests or independent contractors hired.